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Our Blog from The Running Physio-Pod

An ongoing series of informative entries as we undertake a mammoth feat

Our Latest Blog Entry

7 May 2020

Ladies, We need to lift!

As grueling as our training schedule may be, more swimming, cycling or running doesn’t necessarily equate to better performance.

This article by Vikmoen et al (2017) on ‘Strength Training and Endurance Performance’ is a great study that is so relevant to how we train.

It looked into high performance female endurance athletes and measured their ‘run-off-bike’ as an indicator to whether strength training was beneficial to their performance. These ladies had not previously undertaken resistance training before.

Those that performed strength training predominantly twice a week for 11 weeks (3 sets of 4-10 reps) showed significant improvement across multiple parametres compare to others who trained without:

  •  Better oxygen efficiency and VO2 Max
  • Lowered heart rate in cycle and run-off-bike
  • Leaner mass in legs (improved muscle type composition) without increasing overall body mass
  • Improved cycling economy especially in last 2 hours
  • Significant improvement in run-off-bike

What I like most about this research was that these measures were taken after the female athletes had cycled 3 hours off the bike. This is so similar to the ground covered on race day which makes these results more credible.

From this study, what I’ll be doing differently in my Ironman training is swapping out some of my swim sessions, cycles and easy runs for resistance training instead. This is handy especially leading into this winter season.

A good strength training program should target core and hip stability, strengthen gluteal muscles, quads and calves as well as dynamic and functional training that will transfer into endurance performance.

Keep an eye on my progress that you’ll find in my insta-stories.

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