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Providing Podiatry Services for All Members of the Community 

The fee schedule at Cottesloe Podiatry Centre are competitive and fair to enable all age groups and members of the community to include podiatry within their health care needs. The prices listed are rebatable with all Private Health funds and can be processed on-the-spot via Hicaps. Medicare and DVA payments can be bulk-billed when referred by their GP with the correct processes. Prices effective from 01 July 2021 :  

Podiatry Consultation

Podiatry Services for foot and ankle injury management that will benefit from a podiatry and physiotherapy perspective:

  • Initial Podiatry Consult: $120
  • Subsequent Podiatry Consult: $90

Foot care services

For services requiring standard foot care maintenance for difficult nails and calluses with foot health checks:

  • Initial Podiatry Consultation: $95
  • Standard Podiatry Consultation: $80

Orthotic Therapy

For the process of custom orthotic devices to be constructed by a podiatrist:

  • Biomechanical Assessment: $120
  • Scan or cast of Foot Mouldings: $100
  • Pair of Orthotics (short): $550
  • Pair of Orthotics (full-length): $650

Minor Nail Surgery

All surgical procedures include two follow up review consultations in the package cost as well as sterile dressings proviced:

  • Minor Nail Surgery : $400

High Risk and Concession Patients

Here at Cottesloe Podiatry Centre all pensioners, concessions and DVA patients are accepted for bulk-billing to ensure your high risk foot care needs are attended to. Speak to your GP to see if you qualify for these Medicare or DVA schemes. Please ring the clinic prior to your appointment to confirm your referral is in place.